šŸ“š Reading / Listening

The Power Broker, by Robert Caro. I’m listening to this on Audible and expect it will take me all year.

ā˜•ļø Drinking

Floyd Farmhouse Blend roasted by Red Rooster Coffee in Floyd, Va.

šŸ“ŗ Watching

Season 1 of Schitt’$ Creek.

šŸ” Testing

MX Keys. I like that it’s backlit and that it has some function keys that the Apple Magic Keyboard does not. Very quiet but it has a nice amount of key travel. The multi-device capability is nice but I can’t see myself using it much.

MX Master 2S wireless mouse. I tried the Apple Magic Mouse and found it to be painfully uncomfortable. After trying the Amazon Basics wireless mouse, which I liked but was a bit heavy, I switched to the MX Master 2S and haven’t looked back. It’s got a great ergonomic feel and several programmable buttons … that I won’t use.