Embracing Typos?

Here’s an interesting take on typos: embracing them.

From Fred Wilson’s blog:

I make typos all of the time in my emails and texts and other informal communication.

And I am increasingly seeing AVC as another form of informal communication.

AVC is me. I am human. Humans are imperfect. So AVC should be imperfect.

So there it is. I am letting it stand.

I give Fred credit; I don’t think I could let a typo stand if I knew it was out there.


Sometimes reversing course isn’t a bad decision, it’s just a decision.

A few months ago I decided to delete my retired Detroit Tigers blog, The Daily Fungo. I haven’t posted anything to it since 2017 and I didn’t like that it was languishing out there gathering digital dust.

I started the blog in 2006 and wrote there consistently for 11 or so years. Then I ran out of gas and out of interest.

Over the past couple of years, my friend Ian had to withstand a quarterly series of text messages about whether or not I should pull the plug altogether or just leave it alone.

This year I chose the permanent-delete option and forwarded the Daily Fungo’s domain to its equally comatose Twitter account.

And everything was fine.

Until this week.

At some point in the past few days I realized that there’s no point in having all of the work I put into the site (with an occasional assist from Ian and my friend Doug) just sit on my hard drive.

So, I resurrected the blog today. And, instead of feeling neglectful of a blog with thousands of aging posts on it, I feel happy knowing it’s out there for whoever stumbles on it during a Google search.

A good decision methinks.


When I resurrected my blog, I set a goal of posting something every day, no exceptions. With this post, I’ve done so 50 consecutive days.

It’s a place where I try things out and share what I’ve learned, read, listened to or watched.

I’m excited that tomorrow will be Day 51.

The Vanishing Salutation Comma*

*I might have made up this term.

Has anyone else noticed that fewer people than ever seem to be using the comma in email salutations? (Presumably in letters, too.)

Receiving an email from someone beginning with “Hi Mike” once was the exception, now it’s the (incorrect) rule.

Now, I’m delighted to receive one a week beginning with the near-extinct, but correct, “Hi, Mike.”

Some will argue that it’s an antiquated/style thing. I argue it’s about clarity and precision — and that’s something that never gets old.