That time George Michael met Bono

I was in 11th grade when “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was released and to this day — or any day of the year — I love hearing it.

If you like ’80s music, this half-hour mini-documentary is worth your time. You’ll see many of the artists arriving at the studio in London, watch how they recorded each piece of the song and b.s. with each other between recordings.

A bonus is seeing ringleader Bob Geldoff introduce George Michael to Bono.

Anton Daniels’ Videos

One of my current favorite YouTube channels is the one created by Anton Daniels.

He’s a Detroiter, for now, and has posted several fascinating videos exploring some of Detroit’s most iconic, and neglected buildings — including the Pontiac Silverdome.

On St. Patrick’s Day he shot a video in downtown Detroit’s Greektown area, in which he just quietly walked around and captured the vibe.

Check out his Urban Exploration playlist. So good.

The Professor of Rock

YouTube is where I spend most of my Internet time these days, and among my many favorite channels is The Professor of Rock. (In fact, I just became a Patreon member — a first for me.)

The host is Adam Reader, and he describes the channel as “celebrating the power of music – featuring stories of the greatest songs and artists of the Rock Era, as told by the artists themselves.”

The archive features interviews with all kinds of artists, episodes that go deep on a particular song or album, and a series on hidden gems.

If you like any brand of music from the ’70s and ’80s, give this channel a look. Check out the channel trailer too.