Sticking to the Plan

When Apple announced its new 24-inch iMacs in April, my initial reaction was, “Nah. I’ll pass.”

I have a 27-inch iMax and I just love that big screen.

Then I started watching the reviews. The gist was that the 24-inch display was fine: You get used to it.

Yeah, well, I was just about to believe that until I stopped by an Apple Store this weekend and saw one in person.

Just as I thought: Beautiful machine. Too small.

So, I’ll wait to see if Apple unveils a bigger iMac next week at WWDC (or thereabouts) and see if I can be coaxed into a trade-in.

Our Personal Data

This morning I read this interview with Shoshana Zuboff, author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.”

I saw her interviewed on several channels when her book came out a couple of years ago.

Here’s the gist of today’s article:

As we allow these companies to amass this huge scale of human-generated data, we’re changing the nature of our society.

Because, first of all, we’re allowing them to create these huge asymmetries of knowledge about people. Instead of this being a golden age of the democratization of knowledge, it’s turned into something very different from what any of us expected. The last 20 years have seen, especially the last decade, the wholesale destruction of privacy.

We’re hosed.

Buying Bitcoin

Today I bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. More accurately, I bought a mere fraction of each.

I hadn’t planned on buying it today, or ever. But when I saw that using my PayPal account I could buy both in amounts as little as a dollar, I went nuts and bought $20 worth of Bitcoin and $1 of Ethereum.

Officially, I own 0.00050332 Bitcoin and 0.00036051 Ethereum.

Let the good times roll.

Apple Podcasts Delays

Why are automatic downloads to Apple Podcasts so delayed?

I use Overcast as my primary podcast player on iOS and I use the web version on my iMac, but every so often I want to listen to an episode in the desktop Podcasts app — and sometimes on a trusty iPod nano.

When I do want to use Apple Podcasts I usually end up frustrated because episodes don’t arrive until as late as 12 hours after they appear in Overcast.

In the words of David Puddy, this is bogus, man.