Michigan 42 — Ohio State 27

I didn’t attend University of Michigan, but as I’ve always said, if you grow up in Detroit, the Wolverines are your best chance for a football win, or at least some quality play. That’s because the Lions — not counting the Barry Sanders years — were rarely competitive, let alone good.

So, after so many years of Ohio State running roughshod over Michigan, it’s a joy to see headlines like this today:


Rally the Valley

Now here’s something unexpected: I’m interested in the NBA again and specifically the home team, the Suns.

This developing story began during the NBA’s playoff bubble last summer when the Suns went 8-0 and still didn’t qualify for the playoffs.

In the offseason the team traded for the ageless and brilliant Chris Paul to mentor young star Devin Booker and it’s been a lot of winning ever since.

Tonight I’m watching the Suns play the Clippers with a chance to clinch a playoff berth — the team’s first since … a long time ago*.

*Not that many years ago I would have known this.

It’s fun to watch this team play and, to my surprise, I watch them every chance I get.

According to the flashing signage around the Suns’ arena, the team’s battle cry is “Rally the Valley.”

I dig it.

Robo Bracket Update

Inexplicably, I have five teams still alive in the men’s tournament and I’m in 7th place in my bragging-rights pool.

I wonder how all the upsets this year will affect next year’s Auto-Fill Historical Random option.

Here’s my bracket heading into the Elite Eight:

Screen Shot 2021 03 28 at 9 25 34 PM

My 2021 Robo Bracket

When the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament rolls around, I usually fill out a bracket in my friend’s challenge and select winners based on criteria ranging from:

  • Is the school from Michigan?
  • Do I like the coach?
  • Which team has the better uniforms?

This year I decided to choose Auto-Fill Historical Random:

Screen Shot 2021 03 14 at 9 15 39 PM

The only other decision I had to make was a tie-breaker guess at the total points in the Championship game. I went with 156.

My robo-bracket has Kansas and Illinois facing off in the final, with Illinois winning it all. Jeez, I hope that’s not the case.

Here’s the full bracket:

My 2021 Bracket