MLB At Bat

If had access to an iPhone or iPad in college, my grades would have been in peril.

If I had one of those devices and the MLB At Bat app, I would have had some explaining to do to my parents.

It’s truly amazing what’s available in this app in near real-time.

Tonight I’ve been listening to the Tigers game in Houston and following a no-hitter by the White Sox Carlos Rodón AND sharing with my brother via text how bad the Tigers’ José Cisnero was pitching in the bottom of the ninth with a three-run lead:

The Tigers eked out a 6-4 win, Rodón threw his no-hitter, and one amazing application let me follow it all at once.

A Microsoft Word Tip

If you work in Microsoft Word, you know that all the spell checking in the galaxy won’t catch the random typo or misplaced word.

Save yourself some embarrassment by enabling the Read Aloud feature in Word and let your computer read to you before you send off that document. This has become a standard part of my workflow.

You will be amazed at what you learn about a piece of writing by having it read to you. Oftentimes I’ll move paragraphs or sentences if I don’t like the way it sounds.

Add the Read Aloud feature to your Word toolbar and give it a try.

Here’s how to find it in the Mac version: (It’s also available in Word for Windows.)

1. Click the three dots to bring up the menu choices.

2. Select “Read Aloud” so it’s checked.

3. Place your cursor where you want the narration to begin. Or, you can select just a sentence, paragraph or section you want read aloud.


This was a game changer for me.

Update! Read Aloud is also available in Word for iPad OS:

“The Only Flame in Town”

This is one of my favorites from the summer of 1984 and as I remember it I only heard it on MTV, never on the radio. Having Daryl Hall in it was a bonus.

“The Only Flame in Town” is the first song on the “Goodbye Cruel World” album and ranked 56 on Billboard’s Top 100. The album reached number 35 on the Billboard 200.

In 2004, Rhino Entertainment released a two-CD set and the second disc included a live version of “The Only Flame in Town” and, man, is it about as different as a song gets.

Elvis himself in the liner notes writes that the tune was composed with Aaron Neville in mind.

Enjoy this one.

Radio Garden

I look forward to Sunday mornings and the arrival of the Recomendo newsletter.

There’s always at least one item that moves into my rotation or onto my shopping list.

This week it’s Radio Garden, which plays radio station feeds from all over the world. (The official recommendation is the site’s Android and iOS apps.)

I visited the website and clicked on a green dot on Iceland. The next thing I knew I was listening to Retro FM 89.5 in Reykjavik, which was playing Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?”.

Add Radio Garden to the list of sites that can* keep me from getting work done.