Becker, EY, and Reggie

Three notables from an unusually carefree weekend:

“Boom! Boom!” — The first was the unexpected and thoroughly captivating Boris Becker documentary on Apple TV+, “Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker.” I had been following Becker’s legal woes but hadn’t read about the two-part documentary from Alex Gibney — but what a pleasant surprise.

I have been a Becker fan since he came more or less out of nowhere to win Wimbledon in 1985 and again in ’86 (AND in ’89.) He was the first professional athlete that was also my age, so that blew my mind then (and now.) The film was a time machine for me and it left me feeling bad for Becker yet hopeful that he can get his house in order right quick.

April 9, 1993 — I’ve been fortunate enough to attend some memorable baseball games in my life, Game 3 of the 1984 ALCS and Game 3 of that year’s World Series certainly top the list, as does Game 4 of the 2006 ALCS. But the game I saw in person 30 years ago this week tops them all — and that’s saying something.

April 9, 1993 was the Colorado Rockies’ inaugural home opener, played in the club’s temporary home, Mile High Stadium. It was not my first time at the home of the Broncos, three years earlier my brother and I attended a Triple-A Denver Zephyrs game against Buffalo.

The Rockies faced the Expos that afternoon, a clear, crisp spring day that, in the shade, was borderline cold. Luckily for us — my brother and my good friend Doug— we sat in the sun, about midway up the right-field bleachers, better known then to football fans as the South Stands, where the rowdy Broncos faithful harassed the opponent.

This version of the South Stands was much more polite and excited, at least until Rockies leadoff man Eric Young treated us to a first-inning homer. The home team knocked 18 hits and trounced Montreal, 11-4

It’s tough to beat all the elements we packed into that weekend: Doug and I driving straight through from Ann Arbor to Denver, getting to see my brother for a few days, and seeing baseball history on Opening Day.

Of course, Doug does a better job of recalling the week here.

Reggie. I really don’t watch as much TV as this post would lead one to believe. After seeing a preview online of Amazon Prime Reggie Jackson documentary, I was in. I’m a sucker for anything baseball related from the 1970s and ’80s — I can never get enough of the Swingin’ A’s of the early ’70s — and this offered a big, carb-heavy serving of it.

As I watched, I couldn’t remember my feelings for Reggie Jackson when I was growing up. My hunch is that I didn’t like him because he was a Yankee — reason enough back then. Yet, I think I kinda liked him … ? When he left New York for my beloved California Angels, well, he was all right in my book. Again: I think … ?

Now, he’s in the Astros’ front office which is, at best, unfortunate. Oh, and one thing is certain after watching this: I hope to never watch another segment about Reggie and Billy Martin.