Blue Year’s Day

Growing up in suburban Detroit, watching the Rose Bowl in sunny and warm Pasadena on New Year’s Day — whether or not Michigan was in the game — always bummed me out.

Not only did it mean school was looming, it also made me realized how long it would be before we’d see both sun and warmth in southeastern Michigan. I’m pretty sure that’s when I knew I couldn’t live in a cold-weather climate when I grew up.

Today’s weather in Phoenix is sunny and 50, which is cold for us and about 10 degrees cooler than Pasadena. Still, just knowing that the coming week looks like this means that Blue Year’s Day now refers to the clear desert sky and not to the post-holiday doldrums of my youth.

PHX Weather Jan 1-6-2022

And here’s a glance at today’s sky:

Arizona Blue Sky

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