Man, I Hate My AirPods

For past 30-plus years I’ve spent a lot of money on Apple products — including the second-generation Newton MessagePad in 1995 — and for the most part I’ve been happy with each of them.

That streak came to a surprising end with my first-generation AirPods (I purchased them twice!) which disappointed me from the get-go.

No one likes to read about others’ tech problems so I’ll sum it up: both pairs have abysmal battery life, and with each pair one or the other turns off after only a few minutes. All the time.

So, why did I buy the second pair? Because they were on sale and figured the odds of the second pair having the same issues were in my favor.


Now I use the trusty wired EarPods that came with my phone and wonder why I bothered at all with the second pair or AirPods.

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