Customer Disservice

Two times in the past few weeks I’ve run into head-scratching, at best, customer service decisions.

The first was at a major bank. I needed to break up some $20 bills that I had just gotten out of the bank’s ATM. Entering the bank, two friendly employees greeted me with a “How can we help you?”

I explained what I need and one of the employees said: “Our teller is out to lunch. Can you wait 20 minutes?”


Apparently neither of them could help. I mean, really?

Next up was a call to a restaurant to make a Father’s Day lunch reservation. Someone answered and when I asked if I could make a reservation the man said, “Can you call back tomorrow?”


Me: “Can you just take the reservation?”

He: “We’re closed today.”

Then why answer the phone? I didn’t say this but thought it with gusto.

Nothing is easy anymore, even the easy stuff.

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