Software Vortices

From time to time I’ll get sucked into a software vortex, typically a specific category of software like email apps or, most often, note taking apps.

I usually do a good job of fighting the temptation to try a new app, but sometimes I cave.

Today I spent some time fiddling with a few new ones to see if I like them enough to cast aside my trusty Evernote.

Here are four I test drove:

I use Apple Notes alongside Evernote for my most-often used reference notes, like recipes, serial numbers, etc.

As neat as some of these apps are, right now I don’t have the patience for learning new tricks, key commands or other ways to get the information into the app.

Until the next time I get pulled into one of these vortices, I will stick with Evernote … and then probably keep using it and Apple Notes after that.

It sounds like I’m complaining, but the truth is I like these experiments, and am a little disappointed when I come to realize what I’m using suits me just fine.