Everyone, it seems, loves Gmail — both the service and the web interface. I’m in the minority on the latter.

I’ve had a Gmail address since 2004, I think, when I received an invitation to create an account.

As much as I’ve tried to use the web version as my primary way to manage personal email, I just don’t like it — but I do like the features of Gmail.

Instead, I use a desktop email client, Outlook* or Apple Mail, to read and respond to Gmail. It’s the experience I’m used to and most comfortable in. For me, a desktop client is easier for working with attachments and calendar invitations.

Oh, and I can’t live without the “Send File” feature in Word, Excel and PowerPoint that automatically creates an email in Outlook with the file attached. I use it a dozen times a day.

*Even Outlook’s web interface is better than Gmail’s.

That won’t stop me from trying every so often to use the Gmail web interface and see if I can be convinced it’s the way to go.

Again: the features of Gmail are terrific and always seem to be getting more interesting all the time. That’s what tempts me to go all in … until I don’t.

Now, Gmail search is another story. I usually keep a pinned tab in my browser for Gmail for those times I need to dig up an old message. There’s nothing like searching in Gmail.

So, yeah. I really like Gmail, just not all of it.