Inside HGTV

For better or worse, HGTV is on at our house most days. I remember when we first watched the network, 20-plus years ago, and it looked nothing like it does today. (Does anything?)

I just finished* this article by Ian Parker in The New Yorker and enjoyed how he tells the story of a channel that “at first showed unadorned how-to shows” to one that’s now a top-five cable network.

There’s some good stuff in it about some of the shows’ hosts and how the network finds talent.


The network premières twenty to thirty new series each year. High Noon, the production company, has a staff member whose sole job is to identify new talent, on social media and elsewhere.

*Truth be told, I listened to the article on The New Yorker’s website, exquistely read by Simon Vance. You might want to do the same.