The Search for “Moonlighting”

I don’t remember watching a lot of primetime TV as a kid. Lots of after-school reruns and Saturday morning cartoons for sure, and an occasional “Happy Days” * or “The Love Boat.”

One show I did get a chance to see, from time to time in high school and then every week in college, was “Moonlighting.”

I didn’t really know Cybill Shepherd and certainly didn’t know Bruce Willis (who did?) but that show was entertaining every week. If we’d had a VCR back then, I would’ve recorded it.

After doing the math, I discovered I ended up watching a fraction of the series and remember an even smaller fraction. But as luck would have it, this is the 21st century: I’ll just rewatch it all on Netflix or Amazon Prime … except I won’t, because it’s not available on streaming. Anywhere. Nor can I buy episodes to download. Anywhere.

How is this possible? Alas, it is.

BUT! In a last-ditch effort, I checked my local library to see if it’s available. Boom!

All five seasons are available on DVD and, ahem, none of them are checked out. So, I just requested Seasons 1 and 2. This is going to be great.

Rather, this is going to be great when I find a DVD player.

*I do remember watching the two-parter when Fonzie jumping over the cars in Arnold’s parking lot.