My 10 Favorite ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes

Generally, my Top 10 of anything isn’t a one-to-10 ranking, and for now I’ll stick to that approach for my favorite “Seinfeld” episodes.

I mean, if I had to pick my all-time favorite it would be “The Strike”, which is just excellent start to finish. But there are others close behind.

So, for now, here are my 10 favorites, with only “The Strike” in its current ranking.

1. The Strike

2. The Merv Griffin Show

3. The Bris

4. The Chicken Roaster

5. The Little Jerry

6. The Betrayal

7. The Fusilli Jerry

8. The Serenity Now

9. The Pen

10. The Reverse Peephole

Any one of numbers six through 10 could easily be a top-five on any given day. But for now, this will do.