That’s how many minutes it took for my 2019 iMac to reboot — from when I entered my login password until my essential apps were running.

We’re talking Outlook, Safari, Teams and Slack. That’s it. Nothing fancy or CPU-intensive. And I’m not running a dinosaur machine here either:

Image 2 25 21 at 4 40 PM

Let’s compare that to the reboot and launch of the same four apps on my M1 MacBook Air: 31.97 seconds.

I knew that the M1s were faster and all that but I never had a reason to compare them. Holy crow.

Restarting a computer used to be the easiest way to make things run faster and smoother. That’s certainly not the case with this iMac, which seems hellbent on making me less productive when its running and more so as I wait for it to reboot.

Looks like I’ll be calling that AppleCare number for answers.