Changing Interests, Part 1

Thirty years ago, I could name 10 players or more from every professional sports team, but maybe not football.

Twenty-five years ago, probably more … except for football.

Now, I can barely name 10 players from my hometown sports teams combined — including football.

Last night I watched the Colorado Avalanche play the Vegas Golden Knights on the shores of Lake Tahoe. I could not name one player or coach. The only familiar names were the announcers.

It’s really just the result of my rapidly waning interest in sports. Which is in itself surprising. Sports used to be a central part of my life. Now, it’s in the top 10 but definitely not the top five.

The more I think about it, the more I realize this is a much bigger topic and that sports isn’t the only thing I care less and less about.

More to come.