Browsing with Firefox

Tech habits are hard to break. If you’ve tried a new email app lately you know what I mean. Sometimes it’s not worth the short-term aggravation to maybe take advantage of a new feature.

One habit that’s worth breaking is to try a more privacy-focused web browser. In other words, it’s probably time to drop Google’s Chrome and take another browser for a spin.

I use Firefox for 90 percent of my browsing because the developer, Mozilla, is dedicated to delivering a great product and not tracking me all over the internet.

One excellent feature of Firefox is called Firefox Multi-Account Containers and it has really made things easier for me and my work.

Containers allows you to basically create a wall around specific sites — for me, it’s Outlook on the web — and runs almost like you’re running a separate browser.

I have three clients who use Office 365. If I tried to log in to all three in, say, Chrome or Safari, those browsers would say, “Sorry, you’re already logged in to Office. Log out if you want to sign in to different account.”

With Firefox, I can create a “container” for each client and open Office in each container and they run independently. I assign a different color to each container group, so I can tell be color which client’s Office account I’m signed into. It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021 02 13 at 10 29 14 PM

The other 10 percent of my browsing is done on Safari, and I would use it all the time if it offered something like Containers. You can’t go wrong with either one if you’re concerned about privacy on the web.

Give Firefox a try, and check out its Extensions/Add-Ons too.