AirPod Rescued from Prius Purgatory

The other day I dropped my right AirPod between by driver’s side seat and the center console. Naturally, it missed falling into the thing I put in that space specifically designed to catch things, and it happened at night.

I could just barely see it sitting there, waiting for me to pinch it between my fingers and place it safely in the charging case.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I barely touched it and it went into this indescribable no-man’s-land, (circled in the left photo) near the track on which the seat slides forward and back, and under the seat.

I waited until daylight to resume my search and rescue mission. After 20 minutes, five tools and one scraped knuckle, I was able to get a hold of the damn thing.

The key instrument was an old magnet-pen thing (middle photo) that helped me pull out the AirPod far enough to grab it with my smallest needle-nose pliers.

The AirPod was scratched a bit and powerless, but after a quick charge it was working as usual.

Lesson learned: Don’t do that again.