A Reading Reality Check

For all these years, I thought of myself as a reader. I’d always subscribed to magazines, bought paper books, and downloaded books on the Kindle and iPad. Over that time, each of those items piled up on coffee tables and nightstands, and then on my devices.

After nearly 35 years, I’ve come to realize that I’m only an aspiring reader. I’ve accumulated lots of things to read and only get to about 10 percent of it. (I think this is because I read at snail’s pace … presuming snails read as slowly as they move.) Another reason is that blogs, newsletters and online newspapers take up most of my reading time.

Oh, and podcasts.

And YouTube videos.

I’m not buying books of anymore and instead will check them out of my library, digitally, using the handy Libby app — and preferrably in audiobook format if possible.

So, at last I’m cutting myself some slack on the volume of reading I “should” be doing. Feels good.