The Best Ads on TV are for Insurance Companies

If you’re in advertising, it has to be fun to work on an insurance company account these days.

When I was growing up, Lite Beer commercials were the best, and my friends and I couldn’t wait until the next one aired.

Now, it’s insurance companies that are delivering the most engaging ads.

Progressive is running the funniest spots in memory with the Dr. Rick “Un-becoming Your Parents” series. My favorite is this one, The Seminar. “Group Outing” is good, too.

GEICO’s ad are hit or miss for me but the latest spot, Tag Team Helps with Dessert, never gets old.

I’m a big fan of fellow Detrot native J. K. Simmons in general and like him in the steady, clever Farmers ads.

Don’t forget about Liberty Mutual’s LiMu Emu (and Doug) series. It’s solid if not hilarious, and I sure get a kick out of that emu.

State Farm ads aren’t my favorite, mainly because of Aaron Rodgers, but they’re trying.

Not long ago, who would have guessed that insurance companies would have the funniest commercials on TV? Not I.