Environmentalists Get a Bad Rap…

…but they certainly shouldn’t. If more people understood the impact of air pollution on their daily lives they would see more eye-to-eye with the Tree Huggers. Don’t believe me? Read this and see just how healthy that fish dinner is. Or isn’t.

This article talks about the impact of mercury from pollution. There’s a whole other argument on mercury that simply hasn’t reached enough people to demand a change: mercury is used to preserve vaccines. Why should we care? Well, though no pharmaceutical company has the guts (or money) to admit it, the preservative Thimerosal – which contains mercury – has been linked to autism. It’s used in the MMR vaccine all our babies are given.

In eleventh grade I had to stop using contact lens solutions that contained Thimerosal, which you have to admit is a much more pleasant-sounding product than mercury. You would think washing my contacts in mercury would be a good thing for my vision.

As more kids (and an overwhelming number of boys) are diagnosed with autism or disorders on the autism spectrum, more people will wake up to the dangers of pollution from factories and from the very medicine that’s supposed to help our children.